Part 2: Natural Plant Medicines, Shamans of the Amazon Rainforest

Howard G Charing and Peter Cloudsley join Javier Arevalo (Amazonian Shaman) and Artidoro (Amazonian Shaman) in discussions about medicinal & spirit-healing herbs and their use. Come and visit our website search it on YourHighestTruth you can learn more.

Rosa Sisa

These are a Marigold type and are used in baths for children with’malaire’. This is when a relative dies. It leaves the child unwell and sleepless. The spirit of the grandfather who died, or anyone else associated with it, lingers in the house and makes the child sick. The spirit, who is sad to be gone, stays in the house and tries comforting and caring for family members after the person has been buried. This makes them sick. Rosa Sisa helps to prevent vomiting. It can also be used in floral baths to bring good luck.

An envious neighbor might grab a few pieces of earth from the graveyard and throw them into your house, spreading boredom and heavy feelings.
When there’s something wrong in the home – such as people being bored or agitated – you should get a bucket of warm water. Add crushed Rosa Sisa flowers to the water, and then wash the floors with a brush.

Alternately, the flowers can be kept in a vase at home for the same purpose. People often plant them on either side of their front doors to absorb negative thoughts from those who see in envy at what they own. The flowers eventually turn black, but they soon recover.
Marigolds can also serve as a way to make wishes. Simply blow the wish with the marigold in your mind, much like you would with a dandelion.

Camalonga can treat manchare (fright) and susto, which are both common ailments in children. This tree grows in the wild, but many people have it planted in flower pots around the city. It has a garlic-like smell and can be macerated to be rubbed on the individual. If soul retrieval is required, a prayer and chant could be used.

Manchare occurs when children play in the trees. When they jump down to ground, they get a much larger bump than what they had expected. The Rosa Sisa’s head is wrapped in a white ribbon, and the hair is brushed from the neck down. This is because it is believed that the crown of a head will bring the spirit back. A small prayer can be used to summon the spirit back using the name the child.
It can also used to treat fevers.


It is available in two sizes: one with a large trunk and the other with smaller leaves. It is the same tree with tornillo that is good for timber. The branch can easily be bent twice without breaking. It is ideal for yoga, flexibility, and other activities that require flexibility.

It is useful for chronic diarrhoeas, arthritis, prolepses, hepatitis and broken bones. It’s a great teacher plant, as it can help you feel lost and disorientated.
It is essential to shower after you drink, as this will help you eliminate all toxins.


This plant isn’t very well known. It is used in chuchahuasi as well as after operations. It can either be prepared in water, or alcohol. Painkiller.
Combining Huairacaspi, Ushcaquiro, and Chiricsanango makes for a powerful treatment for arthritis.