Drywall Contractors can finish the job

I have taken on numerous drywall projects over the years. This was not by choice but out of necessity. I have found that when money is tight, rather than hiring a dry wall contractor who has the right qualifications, I often get in over my head with what ended up being a disastrous remodeling project. One thing I have learned is that professionals should finish drywall. You may have fallen for the “how hard is it possible” mindset, just like me. This mentality has caused me to get into many problems, but it has led to some of my greatest frustrations when I tried to finish drywall. You can see drywall companies for more information.

One occasion brought me to the realization that I could build a room inside our two-car garage in order to house a large railroad layout. To seperate the two bays, I had initially intended to build a wall that contained a small door. This design, which was simple enough for me, turned out to be too basic. To make the painted scenery look right in my background, I hung drywall on three of four walls. My thoughts were, “wouldn’t that be cool to have many picturesque mountains, bluesky, and little-painted trees surrounding the trains?” Retrospectively, I believe that a simple connection of a painted panel border around the table would have been as effective. That would have been far easier. Because I am a glutton to punishment, I had no choice but to finish the whole room to achieve the desired effect.

However, I have never had problems hanging drywall. Easy part is cutting the boards into the proper dimensions and then putting a few screws in the studs. The fun begins when I have the finishing tape and a mudknife in my hands. When I get the finishing tape and a mud knife in my hands, all hell breaks loose. Then comes the swearing. I don’t know what it is about me but I believe that I have the type of personality that resonates with the “if there is more than one, then two is better” thought. In the case of drywall, however, this isn’t the case. After countless hours spent slapping on a thick layer, then furious grinding, I end up with a floor and ceiling speed bump right where the seam used be. I also have to mention the fact that my room is now covered with about 2 inches of powdery dust. This dust is second only on the moon’s surface. As I scrub the residue from my hair and wipe out the dust from my eyes, which are now reddened and dry, I exclaim “That really looks like crap!” Why didn’t I hire a good contractor to do this?